Christina Katopodis, PhD, is Postdoctoral Research Associate of Transformative Learning in the Humanities, a three-year initiative at CUNY supported by the Mellon Foundation. Dr. Katopodis received┬áthe Ralph Waldo Emerson Society Research Grant in 2016, and two consecutive GC Provost Digital Innovation Grants (2016-17, 2017-18), which supported the launch of this project. Katopodis began recording sounds at Walden Pond in 2016, and developing this website to bring those sounds to the general public. After working with recording artists, professional mixers, archivists, musicians, philosophers, and park rangers, Katopodis developed The Walden Soundscape podcast. Podcast production was paused during the pandemic and we’re looking forward to resuming with new and exciting sounds collected with an underwater microphone at Walden Pond in Summer 2023.